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Our chiropractic practice offers various treatments for patients who need auto-injury treatments, pregnancy symptom relief, or assistance after a personal injury. In addition, we help with scoliosis, among other issues. Our practitioner at Winter Park Wellness in Winter Park, FL, and the nearby region, will find the proper treatment for you, which may consist of one of the following.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are common treatments we perform on patients as auto-injury treatments, but we also use them for other purposes. For example, our practitioner will correct subluxations in the spine during these treatments by manually correcting subluxations during these treatments, nerves, and soft tissue.

Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is a unique treatment that consists of our practitioner putting specialized boots on you. They enhance your circulation and allow you to retain your entire range of motion for more time. They're ideal for venous insufficiency but benefit anyone with feet, legs, or ankle problems.

Stretching and Exercises

Chiropractic stretches and exercises are different from your standard workout routine. Rather than working muscles to get you ripped or lose weight, our activities are tailored toward optimizing your function and flexion in a body part. The exercises work your body slowly, and we only focus on the amount you're experiencing difficulty with. Therefore, it's a focused exercise plan.

Therapeutic Massage

Our chiropractor can provide you with therapeutic massage by itself or along with your other treatments. Sometimes, we'll suggest it before your exercise therapy to reduce pain and inflammation before you start your therapy. Other times, we may recommend it after to soothe any soreness. Sometimes, we utilize it as a complementary treatment,

Spinal Decompression

Your discs and nerves in your back can become compressed. As a result, you may experience symptoms to ease the pressure. Spinal Decompression works by gently stretching the vertebrae to allow the discs to heal. In this case, we'll recommend spinal decompression therapy to those with spinal back pain.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a treatment that uses lasers to target soft tissue. It doesn't produce heat. Instead, it's a cold laser that emits light energy to a designated place in the body to send healing factors to the area.

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We can provide these treatments at Winter Park Wellness in Winter Park, FL, and the general vicinity. Our care extends beyond the standard chiropractic care, but we can still offer those treatments to our patients. Book an appointment for chiropractic care or one of our other services today by calling (407) 339-2225.



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