Services Provided by Our Winter Park, FL, Chiropractor

Here at Winter Park Chiropractor, we offer various treatments for patients and cater treatment recommendations based on Dr. Hull’s findings. We offer different treatments for pain relief, pregnancy symptom relief, migraine relief, auto injury treatments, and sports injury relief. Our staff here at Winter Park Chiropractor will help find the proper treatment for you, which may include one of the following or a combination of treatments:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments are the most common reason patients seek out treatment at a Chiropractic Office, often due to seeing videos online or through word of mouth. Chiropractic Adjustments are performed by our Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew J, Hull. During Adjustments, Dr. Hull uses his hands to manually correct spinal subluxations - misalignments in your spine and joints. Special tables and tools may also be used for assistance during the adjustment. 

Massage Therapy

Dr. Hull may recommend massage therapy alongside chiropractic adjustments or other treatments. Whether before or after or during a standalone treatment, therapeutic massage is another great therapy for pain relief and overall health. Massages can be used in acute conditions, such as after a car accident or sports injury, to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. We also offer PreNatal Massages for additional pregnancy symptom relief, Deep Tissue Massages, and CBD Massages.

Dr. Hull and his staff may also use a Vibracussor or Massage Gun in the treatment room for additional muscle relaxation before adjustments. 

Cold Laser Therapy 

Cold Laser Therapy is a great treatment for soft tissue injuries or damage, such as Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, or Fractures. During sessions, different wavelengths and different outputs of low-level light are applied to the affected areas. Unlike other surgical lasers, cold laser therapy does not heat your body’s tissue, hence the name. With the physiological reaction between your damaged cells and the laser light, cold laser therapy increases circulation and promotes regeneration.


Cupping is an ancient technology, commonly referred to as Chinese Cupping due to its historic origin. During Cupping, small suction cups are placed along your body - typically your back, neck, shoulders, or legs - and the air is suctioned out, forcing a vacuum to pull your skin upwards. With the force, your blood circulation improves and allows for decrease of muscle tightness or stiffness. After cupping, it is normal to experience bruising or discoloration where the cups were placed. 

Kinesiology Tape 

Kinesiology Tape, better known as K-Tape, is a stretchy, water-resistant  material that is used to support muscles and joints, especially with sports injuries or chronic pain. It is used most commonly in our office on pregnant women, where we wrap their stomachs for additional support! 

Spinal Decompression

For Spinal Decompression treatment, we use The DRX9000, which is both FDA-Approved and Non-Invasive for Neck and Low Back Pain Relief! With Spinal Decompression, a combination of pressure and wait are applied, allowing your spine to stretch and space to be created between your disc - with that increased disc space, nutrients are able to flow better, causing decreased pain and increased recovery time. Spinal Decompression is a fantastic treatment for those with disc herniations or disc bulges! 

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