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Sculpt, Tone, & Transform with the power of Emsculpt Neo, where innovation meets body sculpting. This revolutionary treatment takes you beyond traditional fitness, simultaneously burning fat and building muscle. Embrace a toned physique with minimal effort, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of Emsculpt Neo.

Emsculpt Neo is the first and only non-invasive shaping procedure that provides simultaneous permanent fat depletion and muscle building in only a 30-minute session in our EMsuite. 

The leading sculpting machine in non-invasive body shaping. It is the ONLY FDA approved and proven body sculpting treatment to provide fat depletion, muscle transformation, and sculpting of the body. The first revolutionary procedure to simultaneously deliver heat and magnetic energy at the same time. It does this by using RF (radiofrequency) and HIFEM+ (high-intensity electromagnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscles non-invasively. Results up to a 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle building in a series of four to six 30-minute sessions spaced one week apart.

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Emsculpt Neo is based on an applicator simultaneously emitting synchronized RF and HIFEM+ energies. In less than four minutes after starting a session, the temperature in fat reaches levels that cause permanent damage to fat cells depleting them out of the body. The muscle temperature rises by several degrees, like what a warm-up activity does before a workout. Muscles in the treated area are contracted mechanically that are not achievable during routine exercise. The fat cells are slowly removed from the body and the muscle fibers initiate a growth process. This results in fat elimination and muscle building. 


Emsculpt Neo’s individually tailored treatments can help you lose fat and build muscles on various body parts such as: 

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Legs/Calves
  • Biceps
  • Triceps

What can you expect from your service? 

  • Time efficiency
  • Zero muscle soreness or uncomfortableness
  • Real results creating a toned and shaped body
  • Quick 30-minute sessions (average of 4-6)

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