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Your first visit includes a complete orthopedic and neurological exam by Dr. Andrew Hull. As someone who holds a reputation of being an excellent diagnostician, Dr. Hull spends an extended period of time with new patients. Many times when people enter the office with symptoms, there is a history of pain and symptoms that have escalated over time, and all of this is very important for Dr. Hull to hear and understand. Orthopedic and Neurological tests help him determine where the source of the pain is really coming from so he knows where to make adjustments and what course of treatment is going to serve best.

X Rays may be taken on the first visit.

Moist Heat Therapy and Interferential Current is given if medically necessary before an adjustment. This allows the muscles and the nerves to relax, preparing the body for a better adjustment.

Dr. Hull practices Palmer methods and Palmer techniques. He gives an actual hands on adjustment, meaning he is using his hands to move the body and move the bones and joints to their full range of motion. He also performs more slight adjustments with the use of an activator, a hand held tool that provides a precise and gentle adjustment between vertebrae.

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