New Patient Center

chiropractor in winter park new patient

Welcome to Winter Park Chiropractor - Office of Dr. Andrew J. Hull!

Our office has been voted Best of Orlando since 2015 and we pride ourself in our patient experience and friendly atmosphere. Unlike other offices, our office operates with private treatment rooms for adjustmentsmassages, and spinal decompression. In your private treatment space, you are able to relax with aromatherapy diffusers in each room and soothing music.

For your first visit, all new patients are taken through a complete orthopedic and neurological exam prior to their adjustment. These tests during the exam help determine where the source of your pain is originating from, so that way your treatment plan can be created to best suit you and your needs. 

We also have on-site x-ray capability, so depending on your medical history and symptoms, Dr. Hull may request same-day x-rays to help diagnose you!  X-rays may also be done on a different date, depending on availability and Dr. Hull’s request. 

Prior to adjustments, we offer in-house rehabilitation therapies to allow patients to relax and prepare the body for a better adjustment. Rehabilitation therapies offered include, but are not limited to, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Moist Heat Packs, Ice Packs, Stretching, Massage Gun/Vibracussor, and Cold Laser Therapy. Rehabilitation therapy availability is based upon exam findings and doctor recommendation.

Our staff is available to answer any additional questions you might have about your first visit. Text or Call us today! (407) 339-2225