Other Services

Here at Winter Park Chiropractor, we offer various treatments besides Chiropractic Adjustments! We offer a range of additional services to improve your overall health! Our staff here at Winter Park Chiropractor will help find the proper treatment for you, which may include one of the following treatments:

Body Contouring

For our Body Contouring services, we utilize both the EmSculpt Neo and Cellutone devices. EmSculpt Neo focuses on both fat loss and muscle building in a 2-in-1 treatment! Cellutone focuses on elimination of cellulite and lymphatic drainage. Both devices are FDA-Approved  and have no downtime, meaning you can immediately resume your regular activities!

Incontinence Treatment

Incontinence is a real issue - for both Men and Women. If you find yourself constantly looking for a restroom, getting up multiple times a night, or even using pads/diapers than the EmSella chair may be for you. Through HIFEM+ (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field), thousands of pelvic floor contractions are delivered in under 30 minutes - around 12,000 Kegels per session.

Sexual Wellness

The EmSella chair also offers a treatment that is both Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive for those struggling with their sexual vitality. With increased pelvic floor muscle strength, the EmSella helps treat Erectile Dysfunction, Pain with Sexual Intercourse, and Vaginal Dryness! Treatments are private and discreet, where patients sit fully clothed for the duration of the treatment. 

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