EmSella incontinence treatment in winter park

What is EmSella?

EmSella is a FDA-Approved device that helps treat Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Wellness issues for both Men and Women.  With the use of HIFEM+ (high intensity focused electromagnetic) thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor contractions are delivered non-invasively. A 30 minute session on the EmSella is equivalent to 12,000 Kegels! 

What Can I Expect During Treatments?

EmSella treatments  take as little as 30 minutes. Patients remain fully clothed for the duration of their treatments and are seated comfortably on the EmSella, with most patients choosing to read a magazine or a book for their sessions. As the pelvic floor muscles are stimulated, you will experience tingling and muscle contractions. With EmSella, there is no downtime after treatment, meaning that after your session, you can immediately resume your normal activities! 

erectile dysfunction treatment with emsella in winter park

How fast will I see results?

Patients report improvement after their first session! However, most results will typically continue to improve over the remaining sessions. Based on clinical results, 6 treatment sessions are recommended - with a recommended schedule of twice a week for three weeks. 

Am I a candidate?

Do you find yourself always searching for the nearest restroom? Do you wake up multiple times a night to use the bathroom? Have you been struggling to stay erect? Or has your libido been dwindling over the years?

EmSella is an excellent option for both women and men of any age interested in improving their quality of life. EmSella is a great al People who are not candidates are those with a pacemaker or recent surgery in the area. 

Is the procedure painful?

No! Patients describe the treatment as a generating a tingling or vibration sensation. You will feel your your pelvic floor muscles contracting, similar to the sensation of a Kegel. 

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