After an auto accident, you may experience shock that can make it difficult to determine the extent of the injury at first. Since whiplash is one of the most common injuries experienced during a rear-end collision, it is important to recognize the symptoms and what to do if they develop. At Winter Park Chiropractor in Winter Park, FL, we provide a variety of methods to treat whiplash, which can improve your range of motion and help you heal.


How Long Can the Pain from an Auto Injury Last?

A mild auto accident injury can cause pain that goes away after a few days, but most moderate to severe injuries can result in discomfort that lasts for weeks. Most people may not be able to determine the severity of a whiplash injury without the help of our chiropractors. We perform visual and manual exams along with imaging tests to help diagnose the auto accident injuries. Once you have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, your risk for having long-term pain is significantly decreased.

What Are Some Symptoms of Whiplash After an Auto Accident?

Neck pain and stiffness are common symptoms of whiplash. In some cases, you might lose normal range of motion in your neck. The pain could also extend to the upper part of your body. Headaches are common with whiplash, since inflammation compresses the nerves in this region of the body. In addition, you may also experience tingling or numbness in your arms.

What Should You Expect During Whiplash Treatment?

Chiropractic whiplash treatment typically focuses on relieving your pain and increasing your range of motion so that you can return to your normal activities. The care that you receive from our chiropractor will be tailored to your specific needs. You might need therapeutic massage or special medications to ease the tension in the muscles and ligaments. We can also help you learn specific exercises that you can do in the office and at home to help speed up your recovery.

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Experiencing an auto accident injury can leave you vulnerable to developing long-term problems that can often seem mild in the beginning. If you suspect that you have whiplash, call our Winter Park Chiropractor in Winter Park, FL, at (407) 339-2225. We are happy to set you up with an exam and provide you with treatment that will help you return to your normal routine.