Lifestyle & Nutritional Advice

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Are you healthy enough to experience and enjoy everything that life has to offer? How do you know if you are truly healthy?

No general screening test is more efficient, effective, and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. Dr. Hull is trained and certified in Science Based Nutrition. Offering an objective science-based approach to nutritional healthcare, because he knows that many problems show up in the blood long before you “feel” symptoms.

Beginning with a comprehensive blood test, Dr. Hull will perform an in-depth analysis of your total system. Blood Chemistry is the gold standard used in the medical profession to identify and carefully document your needs so that proactive measures may be taken to attain optimal health. This scientific approach can offer a clear plan to reach your optimal health and wellness.

A Complete Nutritional Analysis based on Your Blood Chemistry alone will determine:

  • What problems are just beginning
  • What conditions you currently have
  • What dietary and lifestyle changes you should make
  • What nutritional supplements you should take to optimize your health
  • How healthy you are